Garage Door Repair in Fayetteville, AR

Citizens of Fayetteville take notice! If your garage door breaks down, Call NWA Garage Door Repair serving Northwest Arkansas. We have the expertise, professionalism, and skill to repair your garage door safely and efficiently. Due to its weight, size, and torsion springs (which hold a great deal of tension), a garage door is not something you should attempt to repair yourself! NWA Garage Door Repair will save you time, money, and stress either at home or your place of business. We will not overcharge or sell you parts you do not need! This is unprofessional, the very opposite of our tradition and standards.

Our vans are fully stocked with parts and supplies, which allows us to complete most repairs during our first service call to your home or business. Our professional technicians (each one has a minimum of 15 years of experience) can efficiently identify the kind of repair which is needed. In the case of a damaged spring, one of the most common repairs, our technicians can replace the spring in less than an hour. Besides our expert repair of torsion springs, we also repair rollers, cables, hinges, replacement sections, openers, circuit boards, remote controls, adjustments, and maintenance.

Maintenance Program

We recommend a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your garage door and opener are always in good working condition. Instituting such a schedule will allow you to detect potential hazards like worn springs or rollers. Prevention is the best way to avoid serious accidents such as a garage door falling. Our Yearly Maintenance Plan consists of the following points:

-A call from us, once a year, to schedule an appointment

-Lubricating the garage door and opener to ensure smooth and quiet operation

-Garage door alignment to ensure smooth operation

-Bolt tightening

-Checking all safety functions and moving parts

-Checking all remotes, the keypad, and the wall button

-Inspecting the garage door and opener systems for any worn parts

-We also provide tips for manually operating your garage door in the case of a power outage

-Reporting any potential problems to you and providing a quote for recommended work

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