Garage Door Repair in Siloam Springs, AR

Call on the experts at NWA Garage Door Repair when you want your repair to be completed professionally.  At NWA Garage Door Repair, we have stamped our reputation for decades as professional and efficient. We serve all Northwest, AR with our well-trained and experienced technicians. Our technician vehicles are fully stocked with the equipment needed to fix your repair in one visit to your home or business.

The most common repair is your garage door spring. When these become faulty the door is no longer able to be lifted because it is extremely heavy. It is dangerous to try and lift the door on your own because torsion springs are under intense tension. Usually, there are a number of causes for this: high temperatures or extreme colds cause a lot of tension in the springs. The springs could either expand or contract causing them to reach their breaking points. We will send out one of our highly trained technicians with the proper equipment to have your garage door working in a short period of time.

We also repair worn-out sensors, hinges, rollers, and faulty cables, and controllers. With an NWA Garage Door Repair technician on site, they will quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with the best options. We will also leave you with a few tips and tricks to minimize any future breakages.

We offer Garage door maintenance. This will help detect and curb potential problems. You don’t have to wait for your garage door to break. Our yearly maintenance is convenient and tailored for you. It includes:

-A call from us, once a year, to schedule an appointment

-Lubricating the garage door and opener to ensure smooth and quiet operation

-Garage door alignment to ensure smooth operation

-Bolt tightening

-Checking all safety functions and moving parts

-Checking all remotes, the keypad, and the wall button

-Inspecting the garage door and opener systems for any worn parts

-We also provide tips for manually operating your garage door in the case of a power outage

-Reporting any potential problems to you and providing a quote for recommended work

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